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Sorceress Sour

--Sweet, Sour, Salty


Availability: Seasonal


6.5% alc./vol., 30 IBU




Do you love key lime pie? If so, this is the perfect beer for you. Kettle-soured for up to 48 hours with a pure culture of Lactobacillus to bring bright, clean acidity. Boiled with sea salt, coriander,lactose, and lime juice. Conditioned on cinnamon and vanilla. Finally fermented with a hazy New England-style yeast strain and triple dry-hopped with select hops to bring out the fresh lime flavour. Sweet, sour, AND salty




water, yeast, barley, wheat, hops, lactobacillus, lactose, sea salt, coriander, lime juice,cinnamon sticks, vanilla extract




Motueka, Equinox, Mosaic

Food Pairing:


A hot day and unlimited tacos.


Fun Fact:


The kettle souring technique allows for a clean acidity without any funky flavours typically of traditional sour beers.