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Last Updated ©2019

Haze Lord

— Juicy, Bright, Citrus


Availability: Year Round


5.5% alc./vol., 30 IBU




Our first hazy beer was meant to be a small batch one-off, but it was popular enough that we brought it back as a full time beer. Very little hops are used during boil, but massive amounts of hops added at the whirlpool to provide a beautiful aroma with restrained bitterness. We dry-hop during primary fermentation, which causes the hop oils to interact with the yeast in the beer, creating unique flavours and haziness. Dry hopped again once the beer is cold for even more aroma. Underneath that aggressive dry hops is a full bodied beer with a slightly biscuity malt profile.




water, yeast, wheat, barley, hops




Mosaic, amarillo

Food Pairing:


Goes well with grilled fish and veggies. Try adding extra lemon zest to bring out the bright hoppy profile.


Fun Fact:


We use Maris Otter, a British malt, to give Haze Lord its golden color and biscuity flavour. Wheat is used for head retention and haziness.