Did you know that every year there are dozens of Kentucky Bourbon Barrels that find themselves alone in the harsh Albertan Winter? Empty and in need of a warm home, these barrels are in need of your help.  Well, now you can. For the price of just 100 fancy coffees, you can sponsor a beautiful Kentucky bourbon barrel so that it can be filled with delicious eggnog stout and have a cozy home at New Level Brewing. 


Help a barrel out. Adopt a Barrel this Holiday Season. 


Adoption includes:


  • One can of Regular Krampus plus Limited Edition 16oz Belgian Krampus glassware (December 2021)

  • Adoption Certificate

  • Photo of your barrel

  • Access to two exclusive barrel tastings prior to packaging

  • One case of Bourbon Barrel Aged Krampus Eggnog Stout (December 2022) 

  • The satisfaction of knowing that you brought delicious beer into the world


We have 8 Barrels up for adoption. 


Please note that in purchasing "Adopt a Barrel" you do not actually own the barrel or it's contents; rather you are pre-purchasing the above. 

Adopt a Barrel