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Taproom Menu

Flight: $10 

Double Flight: $18

Single Taster: $3

Glass (16oz): $6-8 Sleeve (10oz): $4-6 

*imperial glasses 12oz Imperial sleeves 8oz


Current Taplist

1. Macerated Desecration - Dry Hopped Peach Cider

2. Wizard's Revenge - Strawberry Milkshake IPA

3. Annihilation of the Wicked - DIPA

4. Haze Lord - NEPA 

5. Prince of Tartness - Sour New England Pale Ale

6. Not Yo Average NEPA - New England Pale Ale

7.  Chocolate Rain - Raspberry Chocolate Stout

8.  Pinball Wizard - Raspberry Milkshake Sour


The Ross brothers decided to start their own brewery while attending Maryland Deathfest. In between deathmetal sets, they ended up spending a lot of time in their hotel room drinking boldly flavoured American craft beers: insanely bitter IPAS, unreal dessert stouts,  and high gravity barley wines.


The beers were so unbelievably good, they thought to themselves: 

 “Why can’t we drink like this at home? Maybe we should just start a brewery that makes what we like to drink?”


In homage to their origins, the Ross boys pair their beers with metal sounding names and graphics.  New Level Brewing bends the rules of the style guidelines to create bold beers that are just a bit different from what you may have had before. They may not obey the Rhineheitsgebot, but they refuse to compromise the quality of their beer or to release anything that they don’t love.


Drew has a bunch of degrees. It was in graduate school, bored and thirsty, that he fell in love with craft beer and brewing. At New Level, Drew does a little bit of everything from making employees wear Kiss make-up to writing weird recipes. He drinks Imperial Stouts two at a time.

James graduated from the Olds College Brewmaster program in 2015. He is a fifth degree black belt in Overwatch (P.C. not console). For fun, James loves to spend time with his two dogs and girlfriend Maxine. He crushes IPAs on the regular.

Chad graduated  from the Olds College Brewmaster program in 2015. Chad joins New Level after years of experience gained at Brewster’s Brewing Company. He's the man behind our new barrel aging program. Love our beer? Well, tell Chad because he brewed it.

Ian is New Level's main Beer Hustler/Sales Representative. Ian started in the back washing kegs and helping out with various tasks, but when he started selling flats of Wizard's Revenge in his spare time, he found his true

calling: making deals. Ian's super positive attitude and sunny disposition are a wonderful counterbalance to the Ross boys' more subdued personalities. Ian loves all of our beers and his favourite is probably whatever is in his hand at the moment.

Quinlan runs The Secret Taproom and Bottleshop at New Level Brewing. She helps customers navigate our strange menu and welcomes everybody with her laid back, positive vibe. For fun, Quinlan loves to spend time outside and when it comes to beer, she’ll try anything once—the weirder the better.


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