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Taproom Menu
Flight(4x5oz): $10 
Brewers Flight(8x50z): $18
Single Taster(5oz): $3
Glass (16oz): $6-9 Sleeve (10oz): $4-7 
*imperial glasses 12oz Imperial sleeves 8oz

Current Taplist 
1. Space Wolf - Galaxy IPA
2.Haze Lord - NEPA
3. Heavy Metal Horchata Ale
4. Wheat Wolf - Hopped Wheat Ale 
5. Orange Demon - Creamsicle Sour
6. Pinball Wizard - Raspberry Milkshake Sour
7.  Hellion Lime Lager
8. Sorceress Sour Key Lime - Keylime Milkshake Sour 
*Pouring all Weekend - Orange Demon Slushies

*We currently offer light snacks but invite you to bring outside food into our taproom.*