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Origin Story

The Ross brothers decided to start their own brewery while attending Maryland Deathfest. In between deathmetal sets, they ended up spending a lot of time in their hotel room drinking boldly flavoured American craft beers: insanely bitter IPAS, unreal dessert stouts,  and high gravity barley wines. 


The beers were so unbelievably good, they thought to themselves: 


“Why can’t we drink like this at home? Maybe we should just start a brewery that makes what we like to drink?”


In homage to their origins, the Ross boys pair their beers with metal sounding names and graphics.  New Level Brewing bends the rules of the style guidelines to create bold beers that are just a bit different from what you may have had before. They may not obey the Rhineheitsgebot, but they refuse to compromise the quality of their beer or to release anything that

they don’t love.

Core Values

1. It's Gotta Be Fun.


Rather than worry about what is and isn't beer, the big question for NLB is whether or not it would be a good time. If we are having fun making it and selling it, then people will have fun drinking it and that's what matters to us. 

2. Dream it. Brew it.


The amazing thing about beer is that even though it's ancient, we can still come up with new flavour profiles and brewing techniques. At NLB, nothing is necessarily off the table in terms of style or production methods. New Level means No Limits. 


3.Craft is For Everyone.


We take craft beer seriously and strive for the highest quality possible, but we are adamantly opposed to attempts to turn beer culture into another version of elitist wine culture. We hope that by brewing a wide array of styles that appeal to all sorts of people, that NLB can broaden the range of people who enjoy craft beer.

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