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Hellion Lager

New Level’s cleanest offering.

Perfect for the macro-inclined crowd

that would prefer to support a local

brewery over the big guys. Light,

balanced, crushable.


Berserker Blonde

Berserker is clean and easy drinking for those new to craft beer, but also sophisticated and nuanced for the craft beer nerds. Crisp, clean and refreshing, yet bad ass enough that we named it after the ancient Viking warriors. With a lighter IBU and a balanced malt profile, the Berserker is the perfect session beer. Oats are added for a fuller body and additional sweetness. 

Pinball Wizard Raspberry Sour


Pinball Wizard tastes as much fun as it looks. Pouring a vivid pinkish red, it’s loaded with raspberries and a bright, tart acidity. It's delicious, fuchsia fun for sour lovers. This is a vegan sour. 


Electric Reaper

Juicy IPA

When we designed the Electric Reaper

we opted to let the hops do all the work.

Loaded with Citra, Mosaic, Amarillo

and Simcoe, Electric Reaper showcases

a panoply of bright, tropical flavours:

a little mango, pineapple, peach and

papaya. Super smooth, fluffy mouthfeel.

Elegant in its simplicity.

Green Demon 

Blue Raspberry Sour

The beer that’s bright green and

tastes just like it looks. Definitely not

for purists, it bursts with the freshest

blue raspberries that we can find.

It’s liquid candy. It’s liquid fun. It’s the

Green Demon that haunts Alberta’s

brewing industry.

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