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7005 Fairmount Dr SE

Unit 4140

Calgary, AB T2H 0J1

Parking is available on site. Also located right near Chinook LRT Station.

Currently,Google Map keeps dropping the pin to the wrong building. We are just behind it in building 4000 if you keep following the parking lot all the way back and to the right. In the Fairmore Business park.

Get In Touch

Looking to host a private party or book your band to play in our Taproom? We’re open for business - please send us an email or give us a call for details.

Tel: 403) 764-4359

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Sponsorship Inquiries

We love to get involved with local charities, movements, and scenes. Typically, we try to plan out our sponsorships pretty far in advance. Please read the following before contacting us about possible sponsorship.


Some areas that we are currently involved with and would love to continue sponsoring: local music festivals and shows (particularly of the heavy and/or punk variety), LGBTQ+ charities and programs, Mental Health Initiatives, alternative communities and events (broadly construed), Animal Rescues, and anything to do with tattoos, motorcycles or vans. 


There are a few areas that we just don’t have room to sponsor: kids sports teams, folk musicians, beauty pageants, medical research, individual bands, travel abroad programs, and individual athletes/teams. It’s not that we don’t view these areas as valuable--they are--it’s just not usually a good fit. 


If you’re interested in being sponsored please contact Please send us an event and/or business plan with sponsorship expectations. For charitable requests, registered charities are strongly preferred.